Combining Passions

It was suggested to me recently that I make some horse related instructional videos for a 3rd party, which I am happy to do. I am by no means Adobe Evangelist Terry White but I strive to be, and that’s what counts, at least that’s what I tell myself! Anyway this gave me the idea of linking my passion for writing with my other passions of photography, image editing, video editing and of course…horses! I am now hunting for ideas for short videos that may help other people with horse care and general knowledge. Please let me know your suggestions! I have put together a short video on plaiting a mane, and there will be another on plaiting the tail very soon. The video footage was actually captured for plaiting the tail but a few unfortunate circumstances meant that the quality isn’t quite as I hoped.

Firstly, I was stood in the sun for quite some time shooting the ‘mane’ footage which caused me to become quite dehydrated and tired. Secondly someone suggested a ‘cool glass of shandy’ (it may have been me) after we had finished filming. This last suggestion proved to be somewhat catastrophic, and I rushed plaiting that tail like a Suffolk dwelling business man racing to catch a train out of London at 5.30 pm on a Friday evening.


The mane footage was completed and edited however.

I tend to plait up the evening before a show to save me doing it in the morning. My mare has never shown any indication these bands are a nuisance, she has never rubbed during the night, not even an itch of an inch of a plait!

Because they are not sewn in like traditional methods the soft bands allow the hair to move, so there is no pinching or pulling of the hair-root. As you will be able to see from the video the bands are perfectly safe to use and will not split or damage the horse’s mane. The evidence is apparent in how thick and healthy my horses mane is! The plaits stay in all the next day.

Whatever your chosen discipline these will not fall out and are easy to remove once we are finished. My technique will have your horse looking show-perfect the entire day! Let me know what you think, and if you have any suggestions for topics for more videos’ let me know, I’ll do my best. Thank you to my friend Dean Spackman, for been a great camera-man and an amazing director! I promise to inundate you with chocolate brownies!

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