Horse Blaming

The two ladies were heading down the hacking track toward me, they were talking loudly which caused me to look over. One of them was riding a horse, the actual owner was walking beside the horse holding onto both reins. It was apparent by the rider’s position that she was a novice. It begs the question why was a novice sat on a horse that needed 2 pairs of hands on its reins? As they passed me I heard the owner informing the rider that with this horse you had to show him who was the boss,  to be firm and not to take any nonsense.

I carried on watching as I knew there was about to be a problem as the horse looked uncomfortable, he was head high and his steps were tentative. I was waiting for him to pull backwards as he had every right to do so. With the owners hands being in that position the horse was essentially being led from pressure below and behind the chin. The movement occurring in that horse’s mouth must have been very distressing, at best confusing if not a painful experience with 4 hands yanking on his bit.

The horse reared up. I watched the owner more than the rider as she was the one shouting. She stepped away horrified, only then did she let go. This is yet another situation where a rider puts their trust in a human that allegedly has horse knowledge. However at the moment the owner became scared, and out of her depth… she stepped away. If indeed that horse had any nonsense on its mind, the situation would have ended catastrophically for the rider.

The threesome turned around and headed for home. Again they passed me and I could hear the owner verbally berating the horse. It hadn’t reared out of malice though as I’m fairly sure horses have no such emotion (or any concept of what nonsense may mean). This wasn’t a horse that had bolted once the owner let go, it wasn’t even napping. It simply wanted the pressure in its mouth to stop.

I felt bad for the animal and I mentally apologised to it on behalf of the entire human race.

This owner was not new to horses either, she had been at this particular yard for 20 years. Yet she had no knowledge or understanding of what her hands were doing, and was quite prepared to take a novice out into open country-side on a horse which in her words needed to be treated firmly. Also its worth noting in the 2 years I was a livery at this yard, I hadn’t seen the owner hack this horse out, not once.

It seems in some cases an equestrian is regarded as experienced because they have knowledge on types of feed, supplements, how to muck out, bandage and tack up.  Yet the horse trainers I am aware of (which I would trust with my life) probably couldn’t even name one brand of hoof oil, or know how to tie a tail bandage. But they understand the animal fully, their instincts, behaviour and psychology. Yet it is common for a potential rider to approach and pay a person for a lesson or hack that has more knowledge of caring for horses, rather than someone that actually understand how horses tick.

Two weeks later I am stood in my stable and I hear more horse-berating occurring. The person is attempting to lead a horse by a rope attached to the bit. She is at least 3 feet in front of the horse and pulling on the rope like she is in a tug of war contest. I point out to her the saddle has slipped and is now sitting on the side of the horse. This particular animal knew something was occurring that felt different on its back, so did not want to move forward. Far from being a stupid horse then as I’ve seen saddles slip before and the horse take flight bucking wildly. However this intelligent animal stopped and waited for someone to notice…while tolerating a metal bit that was being pulled repeatedly. The saddle was adjusted and the horse obediently walked forward.

The same day I was walking passed the arena. There were several small jumps set up and 2 children are riding their horses. For reasons unknown to me one child does not ask for canter in the conventional way but trots to the corner and uses her whip to ask instead. As she reached behind her to smack the horses flank she does not give with the rein and the horse was subsequently socked in the mouth with the bit.

I winced.

The horse which I assume was reacting out of pain threw its head to the floor and stopped dead, the child took a short flight and landed in front of his head. Within 1 minute there was a group of people standing around the crying child. However the horse which was now standing in the corner with its reins on the floor was completely ignored. It’s worth noting also the horse hadn’t gone to the gate, leaving the arena wasn’t on its mind. Sadly no one seemed interested in checking that the horse wasn’t injured and in pain, or even removing its tack and taking it out of the arena. When asked what had happened I could hear the second child informing the adults that the horse had thrown the girl off.

Again I mentally apologised to it on behalf of the entire human race, but as ever…the horse always gets the blame.

6 thoughts on “Horse Blaming”

  1. I have shared this to the page I manage on Facebook Horse Addict Leueen. The scenes you describe are familiar to me too. It is sad really. I also think that with regard to the young riders it is more common than when I was a kid. If I fell off the trainer would get the horse and wait to see if I got up. When I did he would ask :” Are you ok?” When I said I was I would be told to get back on and then he would ask :” do you know why that happened?” I would answer either yes or no and he would ask me to explain and if I did not know then he would tell me what had gone wrong. It was always made clear that the horse was rarely to blame and even if it was it was up to the rider to understand what was happening and turn the situation around. Thanks for this post I’m glad there are people out there who think like you!

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  2. I’ve had an almost identical experience these last few weeks with one person and supposedly a qualified riding instructor at the small livery yard we had to move onto just as a short term, temporary basis. She’s the most unpleasant, non-smiling pig-ignorant bitch I ever met.

    You’d expect something in the way of a redeeming personality or some likeable aspect and there’s nothing. Not one thing. She can’t even speak to or show the slightest bit of kindness towards her own horse. She’s not a full set that’s for sure.

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      1. I honestly can’t imagine anyone in their right mind paying that woman to teach them, a friend or relative to ride. She’s tapped.

        The straw that broke it last week was her marching over saying she “had to feed” the horse that morning and several other times since we moved because he’s far too skinny and needs twice as much.

        Also said she had taken the nets from the pony because he was far too fat and needed half of what I allowed him to eat.

        As if that weren’t proof enough that she really isn’t wired – she kept going and cited her profession, pulled rank and spewed all sorts about having a duty of care to ensure owners not providing their horses with adequate care are reported.

        And that’s when she got my attention.

        “Skinny horse” I’m starving to death is 23yrs old, has Cushing’s and his weight always tended to yo-yo even in his prime when he was ridden all over the country in endurance trials. Isn’t ideal but it’s being monitored carefully or at least it was until she rocked up and decided to give him twice the amount of hay and without so much as a word.

        “Fatty” has already lost 40kg since he came to me in summer and whilst he still has more weight to shift I have more sense than to just starve the lad and get rid of all the excess weight in a very short period of time.

        She decided to turn them out all night once – naked and in temperatures down to -3 and for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

        Every single thing has been part of a weird bullying campaign / need to feel in control and her dislike of me personally.

        She has since left alone and I have only seen her once and caught her off-guard because I didn’t know she was there and suddenly she appeared and made me jump and go “Ooh! Frightened me to death then sorry – didn’t know anyone was here” and she actually smiled and walked back to her car then left.

        How hard was that? No spontaneous combustion after all.

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