For You

You felt terrible because you forgot my birthday. But let me say this: You were the one that suggested I do a science degree. I laughed and called you nuts. Horsey Girls don’t do degrees, especially in Science. You supported me until I actually did it. You believed in me.

Every time I’m tearing my hair out over what’s best for the horses, you support my decisions. 

You wallpapered the living room, then I changed my mind 🙈 You took it all down without complaint. 

You remove spiders even if it’s 2 am, and you run down the street in just your underpants, because I don’t want it released near the house.

You always say everything I do is absolutely amazing, which I know isn’t true, but I appreciate it anyway. 

All those things mean more to me than a card & flowers on just another birthday. 

It’s now my Birthday and I sit here alone.

Except I’m not, not at all. Having someone believe in me is the greatest gift of all, and you give it every day.

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