About Me


If you are here, then we share the same passion and could probably polish off a few bottles of Côtes du Rhône beside an open fire while swapping stories. But we own horses, so instead I invite you kick off those Ariat’s and join me for 2 bottles of Tesco’s Special on an Ikea sofa next to the radiator.

Launched in 2017 for equestrians that are passionate about horses. Whether you ride, drive, own horses or work within the horse industry you should feel right at home here! My experiences will offer insights on horse ownership and laughing at my own mistakes may help you from making the same ones. I have owned horses, and worked within the horse industry in a number of roles for almost 40 years. My knowledge and experiences may be extensive, but fortunately there is always more to learn about these fine animals. These articles got off to a flying start in the first week by being featured on Country Squire Magazine and Bailys Hunting Directory and I thank them for their support.

Who am I?

Thats Me

My other passion is science and I completed my BSc Natural Science (Hons) very recently. When I am not writing I enjoy country walks with my two dogs, riding my horse, photography and video editing.

Lastly, I hope my readers can relate to my experiences and find comfort, joy and laughter in what they read. If you enjoy these articles please feel free to subscribe, share to Twitter and Facebook and I would love to hear from you so please leave a comment or you may email me.